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What are the most scenic road trips with a view in Colorado?

Colorado is a famous state in the United States of America, better known as the home of wood and farm based products. However, another thing that makes Colorado worth visiting are its scenic roads. If you happen to go there, there are some roads you cannot miss traversing, and the purpose of our article is to discuss those.

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Top Roads in Colorado with the most beautiful scenery:

There are a lot of roads in Colorado that you must travel, but we have picked 5 highlights based on tourist responses. They are as follows:

Trail of the Ancients

As the name suggests, this is a trail/road that has a lot of historical importance.

  • This importance exists because some of the most important states connect through this trail, making it one of the most significant crossroads.
  • It was also valued in history, as you can see a lot of ancient monuments on this trail that will awe strike you. This should be on your bucket list.

Frontier Pathways

This is probably one of the most diverse and adventurous pathways in the state of Colorado. Here, you will feel like you are travelling through galaxies because the scenery shall change after every little while. If you want to have the experience of all of the USA in one trip, this should be a choice you have to make. This makes it the best route to take if you are short on time.

West Elk Loop

If you are looking for the scenic beauty that is out of this world, try the West Elk Loop.

  • Here, you shall come across some of the most beautiful valleys that have been carved by the river over time, and each mountain you look at will have a color of its own.
  • This uniqueness has marveled tourists both locally and from around the world.

It will also connect you to various cities or states, where you can make your stay and explore the regions to their fullest.

The Thread of Silver

This is the route from South Fork to the Blue reservoir in Colorado.

  • You will take this route and traverse the beautiful San Juan mountain range, and you will get to have a lot of scenic looks from above.
  • Beware! If you take this route you will not be able to help yourself and will have to stop and marvel at whatever view you come across. Also, be prepared for some monuments.

River Trail

Between Ovid and Julesburg, runs the South Platte River trail. It is of historical importance and provides you with a beautiful view of the river, a night to remember for the rest of your life.

Final Thoughts

If you visit the United States of America, Colorado is a must-visit. And once you are in Colorado, you should make your way to these scenic routes. However, you must make sure to plan your routes accordingly that you can pass through all the scenic routes in just one trip, otherwise it would be a pain and you will miss out some of the routes.