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This watch shop lets you order your favorite watch online

Are you looking for a new watch are you not a fan of shopping? Then shopping online for your watch is the solution for you! Have you heard of Aevig? This brand was created in 2013 and is taking the watch market by storm. What makes this brand special? They are named after the ancient Norse word for ‘eternal’ which shows in their vintage, yet timeless designs. The creator of this relatively new watch brand has a background in arts, filmmaking and design. That’s why you will only find watches with beautiful designs. Take a look at the collection in their online watch shop and order your favorite!

A beautiful watch selection

In their online watch shop you will only find originally vintage designs. Whether you’re looking for a nice dress watch or a sports watch with a timeless design, Aevig has it for you! Do you want to go giving in style? Be sure to check out the Balaur dual crown watch! This dive watch is water resistant up to 300 meters which means you’re able to go deeper than with your average sports watch. The second crown can be used as a countdown timer or to track a second timezone. Apart from this one they also have another diver watch, the Huldra, which goes to 200 meters. This 42 by 46 millimeters watch has a 12.5 millimeters thick double domed AR-coated sapphire and is inspired by the watches in the 60’s and 70’s. Are you looking for a different type of watch? They also have sports watches, such as the Thyïlea GMT and the Valkyr, dress watches such as the Thor model and field watches such as the Corvid! Do you like a certain case but the strap not so much? You can customize your watch by ordering a different strap! Go for the premium NATO or check out their other straps.

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Did you find the watch you want in their online watch shop? Simply place your order! Did you miss and your watch currently out of stock? Be sure to sign up for their newsletter. This way you’ll always know about special offers, new releases and restocks. Do you have some questions? Feel free to contact them.