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Solids Solutions, solutions in product development

When developing products, the smallest particles are of the utmost importance. If you get stuck in the development process, chances are that this is where the problem lies. In that case, we at Solids Solutions can carry out research in order to come to an appropriate solution. We specialise in particle and powder technology and are happy to think along with you in the process of product development. You can also contact us for lectures and seminars in this area.

Droplet size and particle size analysis

For the optimal functioning of a product, the size of the particles is crucial. Solids and powders form the basis of many industrial products. Not only the size of the particles, but also their shape determines the properties of a certain product. That is why we do extensive research into this at Solids Solutions. By means of a particle size analysis it is possible to determine the flow of the particles and to obtain information about their storage and transport. You can also come to us for the analysis of droplet size. This is important, for example, for the optimal functioning of certain sprays.

Porosity measurement of solids

In order to obtain information on the surface area of a solid, a porosity measurement should be carried out. In most cases this is done by adsorption of a gas. Usually nitrogen is used for this, but in some cases argon, krypton or carbon dioxide adsorption is preferred. Not only the specific surface of the fabric can be determined in this way, but also the pore volume and pore size distribution. In order to be able to carry out accurate measurements, we use various methods. To determine the BET surface and pore volume, the flow method can be used. If more specific information is required, the volumetric technique is applied.