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Five Self-Help Books to Heal Your Body

Searching for the best self-help books? Here are five of the best books for a healthy body.

Ella Woodward’s Deliciously Ella

I’ve been a follower of Ella’s well-liked food blog ever since I first started blogging. This book is a continuation of Ella’s blog, which she established in order to discuss how she was coping with a rare illness. Despite the fact that she has a few, Deliciously Ella will always be my fave. The book is divided into sections for grains, nuts, beans, vegetables, and fruits, with easy-to-follow recipes for each section. I appreciate that she uses inexpensive, readily available ingredients. Even though I’m not plant-based, this book is the one I always turn to for meal inspiration.

Kayla Itsines’ The Bikini Body 28-Day Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Guide

I’ll be honest—I’ve never tried one of Kayla’s workouts—but when I happened to flip through this book at Target, I just had to have it. This book provides a 28-day fitness plan to go along with the diet plan but focuses more on meal plans and recipes than it does on exercise. To help you know what to prepare on which days of the week, the meals in this book are organized in an easy-to-follow schedule. I also like that these meals are in no way limiting and will nourish your body with healthy foods.

Robyn Youkilis’s Go with Your Gut

I made the decision to investigate what everyone was talking about after learning about the various ways that intestinal health can impact our wellbeing. Go With Your Gut is a fantastic resource that combines informational material about gut health with simple-to-follow recipes that don’t go the conventional diet route. It all comes down to paying attention to your body and feeding it nutrient-rich foods. The presentation of everything is lovely, and I appreciate how Robyn urges readers to have a better relationship with food.

Jolene Hart’s book Eat Pretty

This book will provide the answers you need if you have ever questioned what antioxidants or omega-3 fatty acids actually do. Eat Pretty is all about the health benefits of food for your skin, body, and mind. Additionally, the book examines hormone balance, stress management, and mindful living. This book will educate you a lot about how eating may affect your mood and appearance, plus it has a lovely design and presentation.

Nourish: Mind, Body, Soul by Holly Davidson, Amber Rose, and Sadie Frost

In the comprehensive health book Nourish, the three key facets of wellness—mind, body, and soul—are covered. There is a ton of well-considered advice available for enhancing your wellbeing through diet, exercise, and mindfulness. Additionally, there are mouthwatering recipes, yoga and meditation hints, and a 4-week exercise plan. When I need more balance in my life, I always like flipping through Nourish: Mind, Body, Soul since it is so exquisitely beautiful.