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Would long-range RFIDs be advantageous for your gated community?

Would long-range RFIDs be advantageous for your gated community?

If you were to picture your ideal world, it would undoubtedly be a place in which you could accomplish whatever goal you had. But the ideal world for many also implies that it is a world where those activities are safe enough for you to engage in them. We all take safety for granted a lot because we never really consider the possibility that something horrible could happen to us. Regrettably, danger is all around us, therefore we must take precautions to keep ourselves safe.

Many opt to live in locations like gated communities because of the safety it promises. What could be more secure than having a gate that effectively locks out any danger? Although not all gated communities take security as seriously as others, some do. Ironically, the entrance to gated communities is one area where security is very slack.

Long range RFID is a top security option for gated communities looking to improve this aspect of security. This method, which is accessible through websites like, has been utilized to increase the security of venues with gates. Find out if this technology can benefit your community by reading on.

What does it entail exactly?

Radio frequencies are used to track and find objects using radio frequency identification, or RFID for short. In reality, it’s a technological traffic management system with a number of key components that help track objects, and in this example, those objects are vehicles.

What it does

You’d be astonished at how easy and user-friendly long range RFID in gated communities actually is. The reader, the tag, and the antenna are the only three crucial components that make up the entire long range RFID system. The reader and antenna, which will be mounted at the entrances and exits, operate together to broadcast a signal to the tag. And in order for them to enter the gated neighborhood, the tag will be secured to every car. The reader and antenna will transmit and receive signals from the tag and as a vehicle with a tag approaches the entrance, the gate will open for the vehicle automatically.